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Country singer/songwriter Erica Ryleigh is best known for her country sound with a hint of indy-twang. Straying away from today's mainstream patterns and chasing a more gritty, outlaw nature in her music, it's easy to become a huge fan of the Leeds, AL native.

Her debut single, "Settlin'," shook the audience from the beginning with its reminder to never settle in love. Advice Erica Ryleigh sparked the inspiration for the single has received over the years, which led to her using her storytelling abilities to turn the advice into a song everyone could hold onto.

"I tend to be more to myself off stage," says Erica Ryleigh, "but there's just something so exciting and fun about getting up there and connecting with everyone. I love country music and how it can bring everyone together."

In February 2022, Erica Ryleigh released her debut project, 'I've Been There,' which includes fan-favorite "This Far," a reimagined version of her first single, "Settlin'', and more.

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"She looks the epitome of a free-spirit lyricist and instrumentalist." - Lakeside Living Magazine, July 2021



Muscle Shoals, AL:

Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival (2021)

Birmingham, AL:

Opener for Ryan Waters Band at Zydeco (2022)

Pigeon Forge, TN:

The Listening Room w/ Josiah Rodda & Kevin Smith (2022)

Cullman, AL:
Rock The South (2022)